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Landscaping Services

We are a local Seattle Area landscaping company specializing in full-service landscape design & installation, pruning & maintenance, and hardscaping.

Expertly Designed Landscapes and Sustainable Gardening Solutions


Initial Design Consultation

We begin with an initial design consultation, during which we take the time to understand your vision and goals for your garden!


Concept Drawings

Based on our consultation, we’ll then create 2-3 concept drawings, which serve as the foundation for your design plan.


Preliminary Design Plan

We’ll work closely with you to make any necessary revisions to the concept drawings and create a preliminary design plan.


Masterplan Drawing & Plant List

In addition to the masterplan drawing, we provide a detailed plant list with cultural and upkeep information about each plant selection.

  • ​Fine pruning.
  • Seasonal clean up.
  • Pressure washing.
  • Weeding, mulching, and general garden maintenance.
  • Individual plant care
  • Plant identification
  • Soil health
  • How to encourage pollinators and wildlife into your yard
  • Help deciding what plants grow best in your location
  • Pruning basics and guidance
  • What tools you need and where to buy them
  • Any other questions you might have about your yard!
  • Stone Patios
  • Stone Walls
  • Stone Walkways

Specializing in Native Plant Selection

Here at Trillium Landscape Design, we aim to create not just strictly visually appealing outdoor spaces but also ones that are sustainable and compatible with our Pacific Northwest environment. To achieve this, our expert team chooses primarily native species sourced from local growers, often using a plethora of drought tolerant plants & pollinator plants.

The Trillium Landscape Design Difference

Garden Maintenance and Fine Pruning By a Certified Arborist
Tailored Landscape Designs Created Just For You
Garden Coaching to Help Fuel Your Green Thumb
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Ready to create your own beautiful and sustainable ecosystem?